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  1. When we were asked to observe social distancing, I temporarily closed my massage business, however, I wanted to continue to support my clients.

    I offered all the clients who were coming to me regularly, or had appointments booked, a free one-to-one online appointment via Zoom.  

    The people who did respond found the tailor-made appointments so beneficial that they have booked weekly paid sessions for the duration of the lockdown.  They also gave me glowing testamonials as to the value of these appointments which I then sent out to all the clients on my database.

    It is completely understandable that most people would not consider booking an appointment with a massage therapist who cannot give them a massage, however, I have been giving clients advice on dealing with pain, stress and anxiety for years. 

    I am genuinely interested in health and well being and have so much that I can do to help, in addition to the wonderful, healing power of human touch, from breathing and range of movement exercises to self-massage and stretching techniques, to strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety, and a whole lot in between.

    Naturally, stress and anxiety levels and, therefore, chronic pain levels, are high at this time and I would like to help to lower them.

    These are the ways in which an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist with years of experience can treat clients remotely.